Controller: Watchlist
Topic: Watchlists
Action: Sub
Permissions: None


An ordered array of zero or more Watchlist Change objects, to be applied in sequence.

Watchlist Change object

Name Type Expect Description
O String Always The operation being performed. One of:
A: Adding a new Watchlist.
U: Updating an existing Watchlist.
R: Removing a Watchlist.
C: Clearing all Watchlists
Watchlist Object Optional A Watchlist object. Will be omitted when clearing. Will always be provided in all other situations.

Watchlist object

Name Type Expect Description
ID String Always A unique identifier of this Watchlist
Name String Optional A display name for this Watchlist. Omitted on Remove.
Type String Optional The type of Watchlist. One of the following:
Global: The Watchlist is a Global Watchlist available to all customers.
Group: The Watchlist is a Group Watchlist available to your user group.
User: The Watchlist is a User Watchlist visible to your account only.